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Capturing moments
together with you

Your Wedding Day

For wedding photography, I mostly follow a documentary approach and try to capture people's emotions as genuine as possible. It is really important for me to blend in with the scenery. Wedding photography is both beautiful and demanding. It is beautiful because as a photographer, you are in the position of creating memories for couples and families. Those photographs will allow them to delve into that day years and years after the wedding. Moreover, it is demanding because it is one of the most important days a person will experience in his or her life. You want to make sure that everything fits. And you will be happy when everybody involved in this unique day is dedicated to make it go smooth so that you can enjoy being with all your family and friends. I have been in that setting often, including my own wedding and enjoyed it every single time - in front of and behind the camera. I would be happy to join your wedding and capture your moments so that you will have beautiful photos to cling to.

My Photography

There are so many things you need to handle for your wedding. Let me handle all photography for you. In order for you to get exactly what you want, we will talk early before your wedding and I will guide you through all important steps. For coordination, we will have (at least) two calls. In an initial call you can explain to me how your wedding day will look like and what you are looking for regarding photography.Afterwards, I will taylor an offer specifically towards your wedding plans.  These might include a "getting ready" in the morning, your marriage ceremony (may it be in a church or free), the wedding reception with friends and family, the dance and the party in the evening. Also, have a look at the snippet of my selfie-box here on this site - your guests may enjoy photographing themselves with this one. A few days before, we have a call in order to clarify final details. I will also visit the location(s) in order to familiarize myself them. After the wedding, I will go through the photos and post process them, usually ending up with 500 - 1,000 photos. You will get all great photos from your wedding as digital files no later than 10 days after the event - you will not have to make a selection.

What happens when?

  • 4 weeks before

    Initial Call

    In a first call, I will try and understand what you are looking for so that you will have your wedding captured the way you want.

  • 2 days later

    Your quotation

    With the details you gave me in the initial call, I will create a transparent quotation for you. It will cover everything you can expect from my photography. If you have questions, let's talk!

  • 1 week before

    Final details

    We will have a final call and see whether everything will take place as initially planned. Also, I will have a look at the location so I can prepare myself for your big day.

  • Wedding Day

    Let's have a blast!

    Relax and enjoy your big day. I will be there as long as you need me!

  • 10 days later

    You get your photos

    It usually takes me ten days maximum to deliver your photos - always depending on how long I stayed. I will send you ALL great photos of your wedding day. Usually, this is around 500 - 1,000 photos.