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About Ben

Photography as a Passion

It all started when I was about to leave for my semester abroad in Norway, back in 2010. I realized, when visiting this beautiful country, I should better have something proper to capture its landscape. And how right was I! I spent days and days with my new hobby.
So the years passed, I graduated in physics, worked in the engineering industry and eventually became an IT consultant and project manager. However, what remained constant was my passion for photography. And this evolved and changed. More towards photographing people.
Weddings and general portraiture have become what I love most about photography nowadays. Mainly, because I genuinely enjoy working with human beings as much as I enjoy creating photos that will keep your great moments!
So this is me - the photo was taking on my own wedding day. I've been there, and know how much effort this beautiful day takes in order to make it memorable for everyone who would come for you. And I still love looking at the photos a friend of ours took for us this day.